Arina Terekhova is an interdisciplinary artist, Saint Petersburg. In her projects, she explores modern society, human behavior. In Most of them — the topic of overconsumption. 

As mediums she uses photography, installation and digital collage. 

Group exhibitions: 

2021 — FFTN Gallery, Saint Petersburg. Exhibition “Thing No. 4”, curated by Ekaterina Vasilyeva / Buy the sky and sell the sky

Group online exhibitions: 

2021 — Wall — online. Black box*. / We can’t live without Cosmos

2020 — Wall — online. Вещь № 4. / Buy the sky and sell the sky

2019 — F-STOP group exhibition. Issue — Consumption 2019. / Person reasonable. Part 1

Printed publications:  2021 — Newspaper “Thing No. 4”, curator and designer — Ekaterina Vasilyeva

Collections: Private collections, Russia


2018 — Film Festival “Kino Kabaret Kino Time”, St. Petersburg, participation as a cinematographer, editor. 

2017 — Exhibitions “Fear”, ” Shame” (the trilogy " Old Women. Fear. Shame”), SuperSmallGallery, Annekirche. Intervallo Lucido* creative group, Saint Petersburg, participation as an artist.


2019 — 2021-author’s courses of Ekaterina Vasilyeva, St. Petersburg. Including the course “Between Ecology and Futurology” 

2014 — St. Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television, director of photography 

2002 — Altai State Technical University named after I. I. Polzunov, software engineer

Practice walking: Since 2013, he has been going on short hikes and long expeditions as well as solo walks in unfamiliar cities.